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The Nekeas Valley

  • Current temperature: 15 ºC
  • Wind speed: 1,84 km/h

The valley has a unique orography. The terrain is challenging and irregular, with steep slopes and altitudes ranging between 450 and 650 metres. The valley faces various different directions: N, S, E, W, NE, NW, SE, and SW. This provides a wide variety of lithological outcrops in terms of both the structure and colour of the clays: red, white and grey-brown, stony ground, etc.

Influence of the Cierzo
Atlantic influence
Influence of height

The valley and its olive oil

Its excellent location, climate and geology make the Nekeas Valley a unique and singular quality wine and oil producing area; its wine-making tradition pre-dates the 15th century. The region combines a strong Atlantic influence and Mediterranean overtones.

Being one of the northernmost olive growing regions in Spain, it presents highly distinctive characteristics. Olive trees, as well as grape vines, are able to prosper based on the confluence of certain geographical and climatic conditions:

  1. To the north-east, the Sierra de Urbasa y Andía mountains shelter the region from the overly humid winds from the Atlantic Ocean.
  2. To the north, the Sierra del Perdón mountains protect it from the cold winds from the Pyrenees and Central Europe.
  3. To the south, warm temperatures come in from the Mediterranean, so the olive trees flourish and their olives ripen.

Nekeas wines

The ideal geology of the valley combined with the experience and work of the Nekeas team renders wine varieties with a strong personality and a singular character. Tradition, hard work and in-depth knowledge of the vine are the main ingredients that go into our wines.

The soil is managed with living plant cover in order to preserve and improve the biodiversity of the Nekeas Valley ecosystem, which has a highly positive impact on wildlife.

Our catalogue features white wines, rosé wines, young red wines, wines with wood notes and special wines.