We love the idea of sharing our unique wines and oils with the world. Below is a list of all those part of the team at the winery, while not forgetting the help and enthusiasm of our importers, agents, distributors and customers.
Concha Vecino
Oenologist and communication specialist
Francisco San Martín
Jose Manuel Urricelqui
Manager and field officer
Carlos Biurrun
Export and marketing
Fátima Elizalde
Logistics, accounts, purchases and administration
Cristina Vilella
Accounting, staff and administration
Jose San Martín
Oenologist and production
Rafael San Martín
Orders, winery and oil production
Daniel Bueno
Daniel Pérez
Production and orders
José Luis Aramburu
Barrels and production
Eduardo Pérez
Maintenance, winemaker and production
Francis Carlos
Barrels and production