Vega Sindoa


The soil properties and microclimate of the Valley, combined with our knowledge and our hard work, guarantee the production of wines with character, typically fresh and elegant. They taste of the Nekeas Valley.

We make white wines, rosé wines, young red wines, wines with wood notes and special wines. Find out more about the Valley

vino Nekeas White
Nekeas White

Attractive mixture of lemon and tropical fruit (pineapple) aromas. Medium-bodied, it provides a fresh and pure mouthfeel with a vibrant finish.

vino El Rincón
El Rincón

Exciting golden hue. Tropical fruit, honeysuckle and ripe apple dominate with underlying vanilla notes, a distant reminder of its time spent in oak barrels. Unctuous and consistent mouthfeel that ends with a delicate and elegant fruity aftertaste.

vino Cuvée Allier
Cuvée Allier

100% Chardonnay. Pre-fermentative skin maceration. Alcoholic fermentation in Allier oak barrels. Aged in barrel for 5/7 months on its own lees with frequent stirring. Meticulous finishing with filtering through cellulose plates.

vino Nekeas Rosado
Nekeas Rosado

Suggestive and glossy strawberry colour. Explosion of inviting raspberry, blackberry and strawberry aromas. Medium body and excellent acidity that provides a both rich and refreshing finish on the palate.

vino Nekeas tinto
Nekeas tinto

Wonderfully sweet, soft and explosive. Berries and cherry aromas and flavours. Good structure, excellent purity, and a round, fresh finish.

vino Nekeas Tinto Cosecha
Nekeas Tinto Cosecha

Excellent combination of the Garnacha purple with the Tempranillo cherry red. Hints of blackberry and wild strawberry. Smooth and rich on the palate with a long and fresh aftertaste.

vino Cepa x Cepa
Cepa x Cepa

100% Garnacha. Alcoholic fermentation at 25ºC maximum and a total maceration time of 15 days, 7 of which are cold soak. Malolactic fermentation.

vino El Camino
El Camino

Suggestive purple shades with medium-high robe. Blackberries dominant, slightly toasty, nutty notes. Smooth mouthfeel with a full body. Tasty with a long finish, rich and fresh at the same time.

vino La Fuente
La Fuente

Distinguished ruby red with purple hues. Balanced red wine of great intensity. Enticing blackcurrant, blackberry, liquorice and toast aromas and flavours, all within well-blended tannins. Round and surprisingly long with a succulent finish.

vino Los Olivos
Los Olivos

Cherry red wine, with marked and abundant legs. Varied and complex aromas, with hints of ripe fruit and sultanas, syrup and honey, toasted caramel and eucalyptus, with wax and leather undertones. Intense minerality. Rounded mouthfeel with well-blended hints of fruit and wood. Velvety, rounded, long finish.

vino 25 Vendimias
25 Vendimias

100% Garnacha Blanca. Pale gold shades. Reminiscent of citrus with underlying rockroses, Mediterranean shrub and light touches of white blossom. Interesting trinomial of grass, flower and fruit. Suggestive contrasts on the palate: fresh and full, complex and with a long aftertaste. A continuous invitation to take another sip.

vino El Chaparral
El Chaparral

100% Garnacha over 70 years old. Separate cuvée and fermentation for each plot with an average maceration of 20 days, of which at least 8 are cold soak.
Malolactic fermentation and 5/6 months ageing in barrels. For the final blending, the plots are selected, so each year the volume of bottles is different.

vino Izar

Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Tempranillo. Alcoholic fermentation at 30ºC maximum and 30 days’ maceration. Commercial yeasts are not used. Malolactic fermentation in barrels. Crianza (ageing): 18 months in French oak barrels.


vino Chardonnay

Bright and pale gold. Citrus, pineapple and apple notes. Sparkling and tasty palate that refreshes and invites you to a new drink.

vino Chardonnay Oaked
Chardonnay Oaked

Exciting golden tone. Domain of tropical fruit, honeysuckle, ripe apple, and some notes of vanilla in the background, a distant reflection of its stay in the barrel. Unctuous and consistent palate that ends in a delicate and elegant fruity memory.

vino Tempranillo

Suggestive garnet tone. Notes of sweet licorice and blackberries. A present but soft tannin. Fresh mouthfeel, easy to drink, but complex and long finish.

vino Aging

Distinguished ruby ​​color with purple nuances. Balanced red wine, with great intensity, tempting aromas and flavors of cassis, blackberry, licorice and toast, all framed by well-integrated tannins. Round and surprisingly long with a succulent finish.

vino Reserve

Cherry red wine, with abundant and deep tears. Varied and complex aromas, with notes of ripe fruits and raisins, syrup and honey, toasted caramel and eucalyptus and in the background waxes and leather. Intense minerality. In the mouth it is round with notes of fruit and wood perfectly integrated with a background of jam and toasted bread. Velvety, round and long finish.

vino Cabernet Sauvignon
Cabernet Sauvignon

Color depth. Notes of black fruits, seasoned with chocolate and a light and delicious toasted note. Roundness and sweetness in the mouth. A curious mix of complexity of tasting records and simplicity in the drink.