An authentic extra virgin oil, with an unmistakable colour

An authentic extra virgin olive oil, unmistakably deep green, a colour that perfectly represents the Nekeas Valley. With the early November frosts, the olives need to be harvested at that time, and this is the reason behind the highly prized green colour and fresh, fruity and herbaceous tones of the oil.

The extremely low winter temperatures in the Nekeas Valley almost reach the minimum threshold for olive growth, while summer temperatures are moderate to high during the day, but cool at night, with a significant day/night thermal contrast. This contrast causes the olives to ripen slowly which translates to a greater complexity in the composition of their oil.

Representing the singular characteristics of the Nekeas Valley, there are two major olive varieties: Arbequina and Arróniz (Navarra’s only native variety).

Olive oil making process

In-house production from start to finish
Harvesting the olives
Prompt transfer to our olive mill
Milling the olives
Extracting the oil
“Circular management” of the waste generated

A great deal of hard work and effort goes into our products and many people are involved: farm workers, machinery operators and all those taking part in the production process. Our team is the main ingredient that ensures the highest quality of our wines.

Nekeas is Carbon Negative and contributes to carbon sequestration. With more than 500,000 vines and 245,000 olive trees, the waste from the wine and oil produced is reused and recycled, generating useful and consumable by-products.