• Chardonnay 2011. Bright, pale golden colour. Hints of citric fruit, pineapple and apple. Sparkling, tasty mouthfeel that refreshes and invites you to another sip.
  • Barrel-Fermented Chardonnay Exciting golden tone. Prominence of tropical fruit, honeysuckle and ripe apple, and lasting hints of vanilla in the background, a distant reminder of its time in the barrel. Smooth, consistent mouthfeel with a delicate, graceful, fruity aftertaste.


  • Rosado Garnacha Smooth colour between strawberry and raspberry.
    Sweet aromas reminiscent of childhood sweets, made sexier by mixing in a citrus tone. Light but tasty, with an acidity that makes it refreshing, this is a pleasant, thirst-quenching wine.


  • Merlot Pretty gentle purple colour. Notes of ground coffee, white chocolate, plums and sweet cherry. Medium body, good acidity and a final elegance in the mouth that is hard to find in wines as young as this.
  • Tempranillo Suggestive deep-red tone. Notes of sweet liquorice and blackberries. Soft tannins. Fresh in the mouth, easy to drink but complex with a long finish.

Red Crianza and Reserva

  • Crianza Distinguished ruby colour with purple hues. Extremely intense, balanced red with tempting aromas and flavours of blackcurrant, blackberry, liquorice and toast, all framed by well-integrated tannins. Rounded and surprisingly long, with a succulent finish.
  • Reserva A deep, cherry-red wine with thick, slow legs. A complex, varied nose with hints of ripe fruit and raisins, syrup and honey, toasted caramel and eucalyptus, with lasting aromas of wax and leather. Intense minerality. Round in the mouth with hints of fruit and wood, perfectly integrated against a backdrop of jam and toast. Long, round, velvety finish.


  • Cabernet Sauvignon Depth of colour. Notes of black fruit, embellished with chocolate and a delicious light toasted note. Round and appealing in the mouth. Surprisingly, the complex tasting registers do not prevent it from being a remarkably easy wine to drink.