Thanks to its outstanding location, climate and geological characteristics, the Valley of Nekeas is one of Spain’s finest areas for the production of quality wine and olive oil. It is influenced by both the Atlantic and the Mediterranean.



Surnames like Lizarraga, Urricelqui, Sola, Lacunza, San Martín, Huarte, Erviti and Echarte, the current owners of Nekeas, have been associated with vines and wine for generations and generations, as borne witness to by the wine presses and cellars that still exist in their family homes in Añorbe.

“I enjoy my work, controlling each stage of the process, from growing the vines and olives right through to final consumption, pampering each stage of production alongside an outstanding team.

I love the chance to spend hours out in the open air in the vineyards and olive groves, travelling and sharing experiences with people from different countries.

I feel like a mediator who translates the language of the vines into the language of wine, and that’s a very pleasing feeling.”

“Nekeas is wine and oil. Gifts of nature obtained through hard work, enthusiasm, tradition and experience.”

“The grape harvest, wine, the best of our land and those of us that belong to it.”

“The complexity of the wine business is an enriching challenge.”

“I particularly enjoy January: new projects, new years for wine.”

“Day-to-day life at the winery is very dynamic. Doing lots of different things provides great motivation.”

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